This video was created to showcase the effects of the unjust laws passed by the Indian government.

This has been a huge challenge for the farmers in India and I am in full support of them. I welcome any questions. I am doing my part to raise as much awareness as I can.

How can one forget the people who feed the nation?

Here are some ways you can help…

Inform people who are under informed or misinformed about the real issues with the bill

Support people who are raising awareness

Khalsa Aid has been providing food and other essential to the farmer protesters in India for the past three months. Anyone living in Canada can donate via e-transfer to with the note “PUNJAB FARMERS” and those funds will directly go to support Punjab farmer protesters.
Or click the following text to watch this short film.
Cinematography by Parminder Singh
Narration done by Karan Dhillon
Photos by Himanshu Dua

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