I had the rare opportunity to check of the Fall Fair hosted by Pine Ridge Hollow at Birds Hill Provincial Park.
My original plan was to spend the whole Saturday at this fair and I was excited to see Olivia Lunny perform. Unfortunately though, the fair had to be cancelled on Saturday due to heavy rain. The recent weather all around Manitoba has been really depressing because of the on and off rain.
Although I didn’t get enough time to spend there, I did manage to have a good short visit at this absolutely beautiful fair. The petting zoo was my favorite part as I got to see some really happy kid’s pet goats, cats and pigs. The smile on these kid’s faces were what made it so precious.
The food trucks were a really good addition to the fair. They were definitely busy throughout the fair.
I was unable to participate in any of the rides at the amusement park but what is a fair without an amusement park. Right?
After I realized it was almost time to head out. I asked myself; what is the harm in staying a little while longer while eating at beaver tails and listening to live music. So I did just that.
Battling the weather and figuring out different schedules for all the live performers, I can confidently say that Pine Ridge Hollow did an amazing job with this fair and I hope they continue to do this every year.

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