A couple of weeks ago I drove out an hour and a half from Winnipeg to visit the absolutely stunning Falcon Lake

My recommendation would be to spend as much time as you can at the lake, head out to the Falcon Lake Marina, grab a couple of canoes, and head out for a ride.
It was a bit windy the day we went for a ride so instead of the water being calm we were in the first surprise. The water was roaring, seamlessly flowing everywhere and to be honest it was an experience I'd forever remember.
If being in the water is not part of your forte, you should definitely check out Top of the World and Falcon Creek self-guiding trail. One trail will take you all the way uphill with an absolutely staggering view of the whole lake where is the other twists and turns with granite rocks and small cliffs. We camped out there for a couple of days and we're mesmerized by the effect Falcon Lake had on us. It was everything we expected and more.
Towards the end of our trip before driving back home we decided to stop at the Falcon Lake ranch. The ranch is known for its horseback riding. All you have to do to ride is to make sure you book them in advance. Which we didn't do..... But we did get to see the horses up close.
One of the great things about the Falcon Lake ranch is that it's open year-round, and I constantly catch myself daydreaming about the ranch.
Some of the things that I'd recommend from my time up there would be the Falcon Lake Beach, Falcon Nest Café, Golf course, and the Falcon Lake Beach Camping Ground for your camping needs.

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