With only being an hour and half away from downtown Winnipeg, Pine Point Rapids is one of the top trails in Manitoba. I personally don’t include the loop of 2.8km to Viburnum falls and Acorn falls into this trail. But if you do include this loop, the total length of the trial is 8.2km.
The trail starts off with the highest viewpoint. It’s so beautiful and soothing that once I sat on the bench at the top for about 20 minutes in silence watching and feeling the quiet breeze that pushes through the trees. It is one of the most calming places I have been.
The trail then further meets up with Whiteshell River right next to it. At this point you can hear the water current rushing through the rocks. There is a small path that goes right next to the river, you can feel the immense pressure of the water flow. The sound of the chaotic water acts as melodious rhythmic music that leaves you with a long lasting peace. There’s something strangely about that place…A place where you wouldn’t want to leave once you have been there… 
At the Pine Point Rapids, there is a cabin for people to have a bonfire and soak everything in. There is always plenty of firewood right outside along with a lot of fire pits for you to fire up some hot dogs or roast some marshmallows. There is a logbook inside the cabin for people to leave some words about their experience. Make a memory and leave a memory…
Another falls?
The amazing part about being at the Pine Point Rapids is that you have an option to do another 2.8km loop to get to Acorn falls and Viburnum falls or head back. I personally have never done that loop and that’s another reason for me to visit it again.
Pine Point Rapids is just a 2.7km one way trail near Nutimik Lake, Whitemouth Provincial Park, Seven Sister Dam and the list goes on. The exploring doesn’t just stop at Pine Point Rapids, because the trail is not very lengthy, explore around at these amazing places before or after the Pine Point Rapids.

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