I accepted an invitation to walk around the FortWhyte Alive to take some pictures with the StayClose group.

StayClose, a Winnipeg based photography group that collaborates with interesting people and creative ideas. I came across this group from Brooke Mos’s Instagram story when it was just an idea!
Brooke Mos wanted to make it easier for creative individuals to come together and work on interesting projects along with brainstorming ideas, and there I was… browsing my Instagram, when I saw Brooke’s story about this opportunity. My anti-social life has a lot of limitations and with just one click there was my opportunity.

This was the second adventure of StayClose, walking around the FortWhyte Alive collaborating, bouncing ideas back and forth during the long weekend in late May. There were many people that Brooke already knew personally and there were many people that I knew just on Instagram. It was great to finally meet most of the people that I knew through Instagram usernames.

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