A must hike trail if staying at the Falcon Lake resort. This trail is a small loop which connects to a much longer trail called High Lake Trail. For most of the beginning, you will be following the signs for High Lake Trail. Later, you will see a sign directing you to Top of the World trail. 
Almost half way through the loop, you will notice a sign giving you the option to see the Top of the World cliff or skip it. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would ever skip the cliff! As the cliff is the reason why most visit this trail. 
This small loop has a lot of sightseeing from tall trees covered in snow to a cliff looking down at the road leading to Falcon Lake Resort and the Falcon Lake itself.
As you continue the trail after the cliff, you will see a lot of interesting bike path boardwalks. The loop will eventually take you back to the High Lake Trail where you can continue with the trail or head on back to the car like us.

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